Sometimes you just need to make a small change to a record - such as where you've spotted a spelling mistake. You might also want to bulk-edit records where we have added a new or Custom Field and you need to update your data.

Solomon has two In-Line editing tools which allow you to turn Directory view into an editable spreadsheet - meaning no need to open each record.

Record In-Line Edit

You can edit an individual record (row) of Directory by clicking the 'Edit Pencil' on the left hand side of the row. This will unlock all of the fields within the row. Don't forget to press the 'Save' (floppy disk) button when you're done.

Field In-Line Edit

If you want to edit a specific field (column) for multiple records (rows), such as when you need to edit multiple 'Trading Statuses' you can do this using the Field In-Line Edit tool. Just click the 'Edit Pencil' at the top of the column. This will save automatically as you go along (a confirmation will appear in the bottom left corner).

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