The Business Contacts Report allows you to scrutinise how complete your contacts are - particularly useful if you're using Solomon Responder or integrating with Mailchimp.

You can find the Business Contact Report in the main menu, under Reports.

What can the Business Contact Report do?

  • Use the Filter Buttons at the top of the page to refine your list. For instance if you'd like to see how complete your contacts are in a particular group of businesses. You can do this by Area, Sector, Project, Tags or Collaborators.
  • Use the Filter Drop-downs at the top of the page to filter which businesses appear. You can choose to include or exclude particular businesses based on if they are 'Levy Payers', Debtors, Trading Status, Risk or Occupancy Status.
  • Search for a particular business or specific email using the 'Filter businesses' search bar. This allows you to see exactly what emails are linked to which businesses.
  • Toggle which columns matter to your report by switching them on/off at the top of the column. This will make the report show results based on the columns you request, or all columns if all are 'off'.
  • View or Edit the business details and contacts directly from the report. You can do this by clicking the 'Edit' or 'View' links to the left of the business name. This opens a pop-up window, particularly useful if you don't want to lose your place in the report.
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