What is it?

Within directory you can specify the trading status of a businesses to help report on the state-of-play in your area at any particular time and help your teams understand who to expect to be operating when they contact or visit.

Where is it?

Trading Status field is available within Directory. It will show as default.

What are the options?

There are several trading definitions to choose from:

  • Trading Remotely: Where a business is still active and occupying/liable for the property but not trading from the premises.
  • Closed Permanent: Where business is no-longer trading, but may still be occupying/liable for the property.
  • Closed Temporary: Where a business is closed but is expected to reopen (such as after an emergency).
  • With Property Owner: Where the occupancy of the property is not one that is trading and is the responsibility of the property owner.

What is the difference between Occupancy and Trading Status?

We see 'Occupancy' as a read of the property (or hereditament) itself being occupied, whereas the Trading Status is that of the business occupying the property.

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