Often or not you and your team will accidentally create duplicate Subtypes or Subtypes that are similar to ones that are already inputted in the system.

We have now implemented a method that allows you to merge these Subtypes in to one.


As shown above I have two Subtypes both relating to Anti-Social Behaviour. One called Anti-social and the other Anti-Social Behaviour.
The Subtype Anti-Social has two Activities and Anti-Social Behaviour has five. I want to Merge the Subtypes so Anti-Social Behaviour remains and Anti-Socials Activities are moved to Anti-Social Behaviour before the Subtype Anti-Social is deleted. Therefore ensuring the Activities are now safely added to the correct Subtype. Now showing seven Activities. 


  1. Go to Directory Settings and click on Manage Activity Subtypes.
  2. Select Merge Activity Subtypes 
  3. Choose your Source Subtype: Source is the Subtype that will be moved in to the Target. Once moved in to Target, the Source will get deleted. 
  4. Choose your Target Subtype: Target is the name of the Subtype that will remain.
  5. Merge now.

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