You can now send details of all Activities instantly to a third-party via email, which is great for reporting Activities such as broken paving, faulty street lights or anti-social behaviour etc.
You can specify multiple recipients for each Activity Subtype, so there’s loads of flexibility.
You can also choose whether emails are sent automatically, or the user gets to choose if a report is required.

Getting started with this feature is as simple as editing a Subtype and adding your recipient emails. 

  1. Go to your Directory Settings
  2. Navigate to Manage Activity Subtypes
  3. Click View to edit an existing Subtype or New to create one
  4. Report-to Email,  enter the persons email that will receive the report
  5. Add another Report-to Email - add multiples recipients here
  6. Always Report? Select yes or no.  Yes means that once the Activity is logged the email is sent automatically. If you click no, when the Collaborator finishes and saves the Activity they will be presented with a notification to choose whether or not the report is required.  

Note: the reports can only be sent when using the Activity Wizard.

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