In the Businesses table in the Solomon Directory there is a hidden option that allows you to view the date of the last interaction with all Businesses.

This is a simple and quick way to see when Businesses were last contacted.

  1. To get to this view go to Layout
  2. You can Hide All columns so the table view just shows the last interaction date, or you can keep the columns and just select Latest Interaction Date which is about half way down the list, or you can type in the What are you looking for search box.
  3. Once thats selected, this will be added to your view.
  4. You can save this as Layout as well so you always have the option to go to this view. Click on Layout and then Save Current Layout

This can also be filtered so you can display the exact date range you require.

  1. In the Latest Interaction Date column, click on Filter
  2. You can choose how to filter the date via different options, for example, 'Where date: is after'  
  3. Again you can save this even more filtered view as a Layout.

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