Often or not Tags can get duplicated when a collaborator accidentally creates a new tag without realising it exists already. 

We have derived a simple solution that takes multiple tags and merges them in to one.


  1. Go to Directory Settings and click on Manage Tags.
  2. Select 'Merge Tags'.
  3. Choose your Target Tag: Target is the name of the Tag that will remain.
  4. Choose your Source Tag: Source is the tag that will be moved in to the Target. Once moved in to Target, the Source will get deleted. 
  5. Merge now.


I have created a Tag named 'Baker' which has 4 Businesses associated to this and 2 Activities. However my colleague has created a Tag named 'Bakery'  which has 2 Businesses associated to this as well as the same 2 Activities.  

I don't want to lose any of the associations to these Tags, but I need to have one Tag by merging the 2 Tags together, keeping 'Bakery' as the only Tag, therefore all Businesses or Activities in 'Baker' will move across to 'Bakery'.

Now I have just 'Bakery' in my list of Tags, and the Businesses that were once associated to 'Baker' are now associated to 'Bakery'

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