Developed in close consultation with the team at Liverpool BID Company, the Team Report is designed to help managers understand how members of the BID team are being utilised. 

What can Team Reports do?

  • Driven by data stored in your Activity Directory, the report combines charts, tables and maps to provide an easy to digest snapshot of what activity has been undertaken by the team, where is was undertaken and which customers were involved.
  • The report can be switched between weekly and monthly views and incorporates a date picker. 
  • A time series chart indicates a total count of activities for each weekday, and provides a comparison against the same period last year and a rolling average taken over 12 months.
  •  A word cloud illustrates which businesses have been involved with or benefitted from your activity, and individual pie charts breakdown your data by any activity subtypes or tags that you have defined. 
  • This report can be filtered down to groups of team members or individuals.

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