Driven by data stored in your Business Directory, Ballot Insights is designed to help BIDs who are approaching their first ballot or a renewal.

What is included?

It combines colour-coded indicators and charts to help visualise progress towards a successful ballot outcome.
At the top level this report identifies all the Businesses in your database that will cast a vote and groups the data by voting intention, providing a vote count and the total rateable value represented by each group. 

Pie charts help you to understand how many “yes” votes you have forecast, and the proportion of the total rateable value achieved. 

A new grid-based chart allows you to explore each group of votes in more detail, and to view or edit Business information on the fly. The grid contains one cell for each vote and its colour density represents the proportion of rateable value that vote represents. Blocks are sorted in rateable value order making it a breeze for you to identify who the key players in the election process will be. 

With one click users can generate a list of the top 100 Voters, sorted by the total amount of RV they represent. You can filter your data by intention, sectors, areas, tags and collaborators, providing for a powerful yet simple to use report that we how you will find invaluable.

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