View the past week Footfall in a line chart or a table, including a total for all camera locations on each day. Powered by SpringBoard Research.

Both Stories can be added to give you specific Footfall data, the chart shows a graph of the data whereas the table gives you specific readings. Both Stories show this years footfall from the most recent week as well as last years of the same week.
We will be implementing monthly data shortly.

You will only be able to view this Story if you have access to Springboard cameras in your area, as an agreement will be made between your local council and Springboard.

How do I add these Stories?

  1. Add a Story, which will open the Story Library
  2. Choose Springboard Footfall- Last Week - Table or Chart,  however if you add one you can add the other afterwards.
  3. Once you click 'Add' on the Story it will automatically add this to your Dashboard

You can edit your Story to show certain locations; so you can build up several Footfall stories, or you can leave it set to 'All Locations'

  1. Click on 'Edit Canvas' 
  2. Click on Edit on the Footfall Story
  3. Click on Select Items
  4. Choose the location(s) in the list by clicking on the tick
  5. Close
  6. You may need to refresh your screen

If you would like to know about Canvasses and adding Stories, please see below:

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