The Tag All option is available in the Directory, allowing you to Tag all records that are currently listed for Businesses, People, Activities and Tasks.

The best way to utilise this is through filtering. Once you have applied a filter to view the records you wish to see, you can Tag All. It will then ask to type in the Tag name. You can use existing Tags or create brand new Tags.
If this is an existing Tag you will need to type the name of the Tag out in full, it will then tell you that this name already exists, and give you the option to Use Existing Tag.

Once the Tag has been added, all the records that were in the list will now be Tagged with this Tag. if you have created a brand new Tag this will be added to the Tag list so you can use this Tag for any future new records.

This way of Tagging is best if you have not yet got a certain Tag and want to group records to a new Tag.
Of course if you are wanting to just create a new Tag without having to Tag multiple records; you can do so by following the below article.

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