This is a little different to Email exporting, when you export Businesses or People it exports the exact rows that are showing on your screen, to achieve this you must select 'Filtered Data'

The difference is, when when you export emails something entirely different occurs, this is due to emails living in both the Businesses and the People tables and also; Businesses and People can have more than one Email Address. So thats why you cannot see a 'Filtered Data' option when you select 'Export Email List'

Exporting Filtered Data

  1. Select the data you wish you filter, for this example I will filter by Tag
  2. You can filter as many columns are you require though
  3. To export the rows that you can see in Directory after filtering, go to 'Export Businesses' or Export People' depending which table you are in. Do not choose Export Email List or Postal List.
  4. Once you have clicked Export Businesses/People, you will see a pop up, please click Filtered Data.
  5. This will create a CSV file with your filtered data.

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