If you are a Collaborator you will have the ability to create and edit your own Canvasses.
If the permissions are in place, you can also view other Collaborators Canvasses.    
We are currently in the process of setting up permissions of what is shareable with others, creating a default Dashboard and having a Dashboard as your landing page.

How do I create a new Canvas?

  1. Go to the Main Menu Settings and select Dashboard
  2. You may see a selection of Canvasses as you will be in the Canvas Library
  3. At the bottom right of the screen there is a button 'Create a New Canvas'
  4. Click on this, which will open the window 'Create Canvas'
  5. Name your Canvas and add a Canvas Description 
  6. All Solomon users can view: This currently means that all Collaborators and Guests users can view this Canvas. If you do not want to share this Canvas with anyone else, leave this as no. Again we are looking at getting snazzy permissions set up so you can choose who you can share your Canvas with.
  7. Click Save

Ok, now thats created, you can start adding lots of Stories to your new Canvas!

How do I add a Story to my Canvas?

  1. Click on View
  2. At the bottom of the screen click 'Add A Story'
  3. You have a search function at the top if you know exactly what you are looking for, for example 'Date & Time' or you can scroll through the options until you find the Story you want
  4. Simply select the Story you require by clicking Add
  5. This will now be added to your Canvas

How do I edit a Story?

  1. Click View on the Canvas you want to edit  (if you are not already in the Dashboard)
  2. When you are in the Dashboard, click Edit Canvas
  3. Click in to the Story and choose Edit
  4. Once you have finishing editing, Save.

We have detailed documents written for individual Stories, as each editable Story will be unique. Some articles will still be in the process of getting written. 

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