It is useful to know that you can export your data from the Solomon Directory which is great for reporting purposes, as well being able to import Emails into a marketing tool, such as Mailchimp.

How can I Export Email Addresses?

You can export the Email List from the Business or the People table.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  2. Click on Export Email List
  3. This will open a CSV file that you can save to your desktop

How do I get contacts into Mailchimp?

  1. In Mailchimp navigate to the Audience tab.
  2. Click Manage Audience
  3. Select Import Contacts
  4. Select CSV or tab-delimited text file
  5. Continue to setup  >
  6. Browse to locate the file you wish to upload - this must be the Email Export CSV
  7. Continue to Match  >
  8. Skip any columns that do not match or edit the column name if the column is required.
  9. You also have the option to skip all unmatched columns.
  10. Continue to Organise  >
  11. Choose the status of the imported contacts
  12. Click update existing contacts
  13. Continue to Review  >
  14. Import

Can I export filtered data?

Absolutely! This only works in the Businesses and People table, but you can export the exact data you have filtered into a spreadsheet.


Once you have applied a Filter to one or more of your columns, scroll down, click Export Businesses or People, make sure you select 'Filtered Data'
You cannot use this filtered data in Mailchimp, it must be the Email Export CSV

For more information on exporting filtered data please see below:

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