If a Business is no longer active you have the ability to mark it as inactive, the same applies to a Person.
However sometimes you will need to view all Businesses and People, including the inactive records.

How do I make a Business Active or Inactive?

  1. In the Business table click on the Business you wish to view
  2. This will open Edit Mode: Business
  3. You will have the option to choose Active or Inactive, then Save.

How do I make a Person Active or Inactive?

  1. You will also be able to carry out the same method in the People table, as stated above in the Business table
  2. Click on the Person you want to make active or inactive 
  3. You may need to scroll a little further down or use the quick search function at the top.
  4. Choose inactive or active, and Save 

How can I view records once they are inactive?

  1. In the Business or People table click the blue 'Settings' button
  2. Here you can select to 'Show Inactive Records'

How do I filter the records to show me which are inactive?

  1. Firstly, click the Layout button, scroll down and tick the Active button.
  2. In the Active Column, click on the Filter
  3. This will drop down to All, Yes, No
  4. If you want to view inactive records click No
  5. This will bring back all your the inactive records for your Business or the People. 

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