Filtering is a great way to look closely at the data you have in your Directory.
One feature that is useful can determine whether or not businesses have any Activities added and if they have People associated to them.

How can I do this with Activities?

  1. In the Businesses table scroll along to the Activities Column
  2. Click on Filter 
  3. Click on one of the options: Has activities, Does not have Activities, All.
  4. You can maximise your search result by including and excluding words
  5. Close 

Can I do the same for People?
Yes if you reset the Filters, (via Layout, Reset Filters) you can scroll along to the 'Other People' Column and follow the same steps as above but with this Column instead.

For example; If you want to look into Businesses that do not have Activities and do not have Other People added, you can do so by filtering both Columns. You can then save this as a Layout.

There is a tutorial on this topic if you feel you need any more help:

If you would like to read more about Filtering and saving Layouts please see the below article which also has a lovely little tutorial in it. This goes into more detail about how to Filter Columns.

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