When creating a new Business in the Solomon Directory you will be asked to enter information to ensure the Business will be added correctly.
This guide will explain what the VOA property reference number is; also known as local authority reference and why we need this when adding a Business.

What is the VOA Property Reference?

It is an ID that the Valuation Office Agency generates. Only one reference is active at once and a hereditament can only have one VOA property reference number.
The VOA gives a rateable value to each non-domestic property and this is used by local councils to calculate a property's business rates. The reference number is what gives us all this information. 

Why do I need to input this?

We need this reference as the councils use this number when they send billing data.

What happens if there is a conflict? 

If you enter a VOA reference that already exists you can actually resolve this conflict yourself. As mentioned above there will only be one reference number that is active at once. If you find that there is a conflict between a Business and the new Business you are trying to create, you can simply make it inactive before you proceed. 

What else do I need to know?

It is great to know that once you have entered the VOA property reference that the property details such as address and any rateable values are automatically copied to the new Business.

If you want more details on adding a new Business please see the below article.

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