To get the best out of Solomon when you are on the go and need to quickly capture data we have created a great tool called the 'Activity Wizard'.
It allows you to capture all your Activities on your mobile device when you are busy out and about.

How do I get to it?

When you log in, if you are viewing the Directory you can change this via the Main Menu by clicking on 'Activity Wizard'.

You can however, set this to automatically open to the Activity Wizard, for more information on changing your Landing Page please see this article.

Lets get started..

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  1. Select the Date and Time the Activity took place. Please note, this auto selects to the current Date and Time.
  2. You have 7 top level Activities to choose from, just as you would if you were creating an Activity from the Directory. If you cannot see 7, it will be due to not having Activity Subtypes added to some top levels ones.

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Each Activity will have Subtypes, to continue logging the Activity you must select a Subtype.
You can create as many Subtypes as you need and you can manage them via the Directory Settings Menu. If you need help on how to create and manage Subtypes please see this article.

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After you have selected the Subtype you can add individual businesses to the Activity or you can add multiple businesses by selecting a group.

For instance; if you had carried out an 'Engaged with Business or Person' Activity at multiple businesses, for example; Restaurants, and the Subtype was ‘Business Visit’ you can associate this Activity to all Restaurants you visited by selecting the group, in this example the Tag would be ‘Restaurants’. All Businesses that has the Restaurant Tag, will have this Activity added to their Timeline.

You also have the option to  Add to all Timelines - an example of this would be a City wide event, or if an area is awarded a Purple Flag.

Step 4 of 4 

  1. Add a Description, this allows you to define what was actually done during the Activity. For example: 'Bob had a 30 minute meeting with the Manager of Boots'
  2. Add a Location 
  3. Tag Activity, this is great if you added an individual business but would like to tag the Activity.
  4. Add People, an example being; if you interacted with someone in the Business during this Activity, this is where you can add that person.
  5. Advanced Edit - this opens the same edit mode you would see in the Directory when you create a brand new Activity. It gives you the ability to enter extra information required to that Activity when using your mobile device. 
  6. Once you have selected Finish this saves the Activity and will now appear on the businesses Timeline.

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