The Timeline is a great way to see all Activities displayed in chronological order for each Business. 

How do I view the Timeline?

In the Directory, by default you should be in the Businesses table.
In the 'View' Column click on the clock icon to 'View' Timeline.

What is visible on a Timeline?

  • You can see what Levy the Business pays
  • You can see the full Address 
  • All Activities in chronological order

What can I do on a Timeline?

  • Click on individual Activities to view or edit them 
  • Click on the Business Name at the top, this open the ‘Edit Mode: Business’ window. 

Can I create a new Activity?

As explained above, if you click on the Business Name at the top of the Timeline this opens the ‘Edit Mode: Business’ window; you can create an Activity through here.
Once you have added this please refresh your browser and the new Activity will appear on the Timeline.

Pro tip: After you have scrolled to the bottom of the Timeline you can quickly return to the top by clicking 'Top'

Can I print the Timeline?

Yes you can! You can right click on the page and select 'Print' or go to File and Print.

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