A Task records a piece of work to be undertaken. Each Task has a status (Pending, To Do, In Progress, Done and Cancelled) and contains other information like a description and a due date.

Tasks now include a progress (%) bar so you can monitor how close the Task is to completion. Once the Task has been marked as done, the Progress Bar will automatically be set to 100%.

How do I create a Task?

You can create Tasks from a few different places in Solomon: 

  • Using the Quick Create Button - it's visible from everywhere in Solomon;
  • Using the New button in the Tasks table in Directory; and
  • When creating or editing another record, like an Activity.

However you begin the process, a new Task creation window will launch. Follow these simple steps to create your Task:

  1. Enter a Title for your new Task. For example: 'Street Cleansing'
  2. Enter a Description. For example: 'Clear High Street of broken glass'
  3. Select the Status of your Task - this defaults to "To Do"
  4. You can begin the progress by sliding the Progress Bar along 
  5. The Estimated Start Date, Actual Start Date, Due Date, Completion Date and Duration (all of which are optional) can be added now, or when the Task has begun. It's up to you!
  6. Click Save

How do I link a Task to a Business, Person, Activity, Project or Collaborator?

You can do this when you are creating the Task or you can open an existing Task, click edit and locate the relevant record  (Businesses, People, Activities, Projects or Collaborators), then click 'Find/Remove' to add the information you require to the Task.

Assigning a Task to someone?

You can link Tasks to People, Businesses, Activities, Projects and importantly to Collaborators, providing a way for you to assign Tasks within your team.

When you add a collaborator to a Task, it will appear in their Workbench

How do I delete a Task?

To delete a Task you will need to have Admin permissions. Go to the Tasks table in Directory, locate the Task you with to remove and click on the trash icon to delete it. 

How to use my Workbench?

Workbench pulls all your Tasks and Activities into one place, if you want more information on using this please see below:

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