There are a few ways you can create a new Activity, a great option would be to use the 'Quick Create Button' and choose 'Activity'
Or you can click on the Activities tab at the top of your screen and click +New

What steps do I need to follow when creating a new Activity?

  1. Choose an Activity from the seven built-in Activity Types
  2. You must choose an Activity Subtype, the new Activity will not save without an inputted Subtype. If the Subtype you require is not in the list you can simply create it. For information on how to do this please see this article: Managing Subtypes
  3. Public Description, this allows you to explain what was actually done during the Activity. For example: 'Bob had a 30 minute meeting with the Manager'
  4. Add the Cost and Value if you need to.
  5. Add Quantity, for instance; it might be useful to input the amount of people or visitors you have interacted with.
  6. Add the Location.
  7. Display on all Timelines, this will link the Activity to all the businesses in the Directory.
  8. Or link to individual businesses - 'Start typing to find businesses' 
  9. The same works for linking to People, Tasks and Tags.
  10. After you have filled out all the relevant information you can save and close, or to continue creating more Activities, 'save + new'

How do I Create an Activity whilst viewing a Business or Person?

You may wish to add an Activity when you are viewing or editing the details of a Business or Person.
Just click on the +Create button next to Activities.

Pro tip: You may find it useful to use your Workbench.  This tool pulls your Activities and Tasks into one place. You can also create Activities in here.

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