Create a new Business in Directory

To add or edit a new Business in the Solomon Directory make sure you are on the ‘Businesses’ tab.

1. Click New 

2. Enter the Trading Name of the Business
3. Choose a Sector

Before continuing, it is useful to add People associated to the Business for contacts.

 4. Add People
               4.1.  In the People field as shown above, you add People who are already in                         the system, via 'Find/Remove' or Create a new person
               4.2. Add the First Name, Surname, and Job Title
               4.3  Add relevant information such as Address, Postcode, Telephone and                              Email Address
               4.4  Save & Close, or Save & New if there are more people to add to this                               Business.

5. You should still be in the ‘Create Business’ window, now you have added People and nominated the Voter and Primary Contact.

6. Add the VOA, Council Billing Reference, Business Address and Postcode.

7. Select the location - You can choose your current location if that's easier.

8. Enter the Current RV and Billing RV

9. Voting Intention can be logged if known

10. Enter the Levy Amount and Legal Name

11. Liable Party Name and Address - this may be the same as the above address entered.

12. Add the Business Email and Telephone Number

13. It is useful to add the Web Address and other Social Media URL's if the Business provides these.

14. Once you have inputted as much data as possible you can Save and Close, or if you have multiple Businesses to add you can 'Save and New'.

Did you know?
You can also use the Quick Create Button that will direct you to the 'Create Business' page, please see this Article 

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