While our built-in Activity Types (Interaction, Job, Promotion etc - read this article for more information) provide a high level view of how your teams are spending their time, Subtypes allow you to group Activities together so you can drill down further. 

For example, if you wanted to know how many business visits your team had undertaken in a given timeframe then you would define "Business Visit" as a Subtype of the "Interaction" Activity Type.

Unlike Activity Types that are built into Solomon and shared by all our customers, Subtypes are defined and managed by you, via the Directory Settings menu.

When creating a Subtype you must give it a name and assign it to an Activity Type.

If you delete an Activity Subtype please bear in mind that it will affect any related Activities, which will be left with not Subtype assigned. Ideally, you should reassign the Activities before you deleted the unwanted Subtype.

Step by step: How to create an Activity Subtype

  1. In Directory, click 'Settings'
  2. Manage Activity Subtypes
  3. Select 'New'
  4. Give the Subtype a title and an Activity type
  5. Save

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