Layouts allow you to choose which columns and records are displayed in the Directory, according to the task at hand.

You can apply filters to your data and decide which columns you want to be in view, and then save each configuration as a Layout. 

Layouts are saved to your Layout menu, allowing you to easily switch between them. Layouts are stored on your account and are not shared with other Collaborators.

  1. Click on Layout
  2. Apply Filter and choose Columns to display
  3. Save Current Layout
  4. Give your Layout a name
  5. Your new Layout will be saved to the Layout menu

At any point, you can reset the Layout by clicking the Reset Filter and/or Show All Columns buttons in the Layout menu.

How do I manage Columns?

To select the Columns you want to view without unticking all of the ones you don't need, you can simply hide all Columns and then tick the Column(s) that you are currently working with.

  1. Click on Layout
  2. Click on 'Hide All Columns'
  3. Scroll down to the Column check boxes
  4. Choose which Columns you want to view
  5. You can save this as a Layout

We have created a video tutorial to explain this in more detail.

You may also find this Advanced Directory Filters Article useful.

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