What are Collaborators?

Collaborators are a special kind of User that can be linked to records in the Directory. For example, you can link one of more Collaborators to a Task or Activity.

Collaborators are your team mates, project partners or anyone else you'd like to keep track of and assign work to.

Collaborators can view and update all their Tasks in Workbench.

What are the Permissions?

Collaborators can be granted different permissions based on their Role. There are two Collaborator Roles to choose from:

Administrator: have an "Access All Areas" pass and can manage and change Solomon settings, including adding and deleting Users and creating Guest Logins.

Contributor: can create and update records in the database but these will be flagged for review by an Administrator. They cannot delete.
They can create canvasses, and edit ones they have created. To view canvasses created by an Administrator, the Administrator can give the Contributor viewing permissions on those particular canvasses. 

How can I create a Collaborator?

Guest permissions

There is also another Role that you can give to people to access records relating to their Business.
: have read-only access to the system and can only view records relating to the Business they are associated to and are not a Collaborator.

If you would like to know more about creating Guest Users please see below:

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